“I was quite despondent when I was told that my torn right shoulder tendon would probably not respond favorably to surgery.

I was even more displeased after seeing several physical therapists without any positive results; not able to shake hands, or raise my hand above waist level.

My doctor then referred me to Desert Cities Therapy Center.

From my first encounter with Rob, I felt there was hope and that I was in good hands.

In just two sessions they had me raising my hand overhead, and vertically. Each subsequent visit I gained more range of motion and strength.

I continue doing my exercises daily and have gained considerable strength. While I may never have the strength prior to totally tearing my shoulder tendon, I can now handle most situations and feel that I am getting stronger daily.

Both Rob and Michael made me feel positive about my exercise program and that has aided in the positive results of my recovery.”

Lee B.

“I have worked with Michael and Rob through three shoulder surgeries and an MS flare-up. Their professionalism, compassion, and understanding have made recovery from each of these events as successful as could be expected.”

Marj S.

“After 15 years of playing professional baseball, I find myself in the uncanny position of back-to-back injuries. With the help of Desert Cities, I know I will once again get back on the field. Their diligence and professionalism is comparable to any professional trainer I have worked with.  They walk you through every step of your rehab until you are ready to walk out the door on your own.  I would, and have recommended Desert Cities to all athletes in the valley.”

Chris Clapinsky
Kansas City Royals

“2006 was not my best year. I had a major rotator cuff tear and underwent a month of physical therapy, but I subsequently had to have surgery. I returned to Desert Cities for physical therapy from September to December 2006. I cannot thank Rob and Michael enough for their understanding, compassion, and kindness which brought me to the point where I can use my right shoulder and arm again. I am one of your biggest fans, and will definitely tell others about the care I received. Should I ever need physical therapy in the future; Desert Cities will be my first choice.”

B. Williams

“As an athlete, I came to Desert Cities Therapy Center with a shoulder injury which prohibited me from competing in Triathlons. They worked with me week after week with a carefully constructed plan to get me back in the game. Although the improvements allowed me to live more comfortably, it still left me unable to swim, therefore unable to compete. Through communication with my MD, it was determined that surgical intervention was the best course of action, then followed by a progressive rehabilitation program.

With therapy, I was back in the water swimming a month later. Six months later I competed in the Ironman Triathlon, and won my age group and broke the course record. My goal to win an Ironman Triathlon became the goal of the rehab team at Desert Cities Therapy Center, and they got me there. Thank You.”